Discover Life

Experience God

Connect with People

A sanctuary to discover life, experience God and connect with people.

West Side Presbyterian Church is a welcoming place for people who are seeking more in life, who want to connect with something bigger than themselves. By integrating music, the arts and inspired leadership, West Side offers a safe place to explore your spirituality, have fun, meet challenges and make lasting friendships.

Foundation: A Contemporary Worship Service

Come as you are. Leave inspired. If you prefer a more informal, contemporary form of worship, drop by on Sunday evenings at 5:15pm. On the lower level, you will find like-minded people worshiping to contemporary music and engaging in a lively, interactive service.

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Please join us on April 17 at the 10:00 am worship service as we present our gift to our mission partners!

We've been celebrating our ten-year anniversary by working together to infuse new life into our mission partners. Help us raise $100,000 during Lent as a way of expressing our gratitude for our new building, celebrating our 10th Anniversary, and strengthening our commitment to serving those in need! Now is the time to not only celebrate the resurrection, but to practice it and participate in it! Together, let’s raise our sails and leave the harbor.

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