Whether you are an early riser seeking a "quiet" worship service, a traditionalist who enjoys classic hymns and organ music, or someone who leans more toward electric guitar and drums, there's a service for you at West Side.

8:15 am - Chapel Worship, an intimate service during which the sacrament of communion is celebrated every week.

9:00 am - Contemporary Worship, on the lower level, featuring a full band, contemporary Christian music, an interactive liturgy and the celebration of communion each week.

10:15 am - Traditional Worship in the Sanctuary, featuring a full choir, traditional hymns, pipe organ and a traditional Presbyterian liturgy. The sacrament of communion is celebrated on the first Sunday of the month.

Dress at any of our services is whatever you feel comfortable in, although people tend to be more dressed up at the 10:15 am service.

After worship, many people linger in the Narthex to chat and enjoy refreshments.

All of our public areas are accessible to people with disabilities.

Ample parking is available for all services in our lot directly across Hillside Place.


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The worship of God, communion, baptisms, marriages and memorial services are celebrations of Christian life at West Side. The Memorial Garden extends West Side's ministry by providing a sacred, beautiful and enduring space for the burial of cremated remains in the arms of the church. The Memorial Garden is a place for reflection, meditation, remembrance and prayer for bereaved family and friends as well as a peaceful, contemplative setting for everyone to enjoy. A pastor can discuss memorial services and the Memorial Garden as well as special gifts in honor of loved ones.