We believe everything we have is a gift on loan to us from God.  Our breath, our family and friends, our gifts and talents, our money...everything.  And so we believe there is one response alone that makes sense:  "Thank you."  We practice saying "thank you" to God by investing our time, money and talent in the ministry of Jesus Christ, who reveals the gracious heart of God and who calls us to partner with him in sharing God's love with all people.  


Annual pledges from congregants during the fall Stewardship Campaign make it possible for West Side to plan for the coming year. Your commitment of financial support is vital to funding the many programs that play such an important role in the life of West Side and its members. Thanks to the revenue generated by our nursery school and outside rentals, which covers the cost of the mortgage and campus maintenance, 100 percent of your pledge supports hands-on mission and ministry, such as funding an orphanage in Haiti, tutoring kids in Paterson and sending our youth for service in Appalachia.
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Online Giving

When you give online, your donation makes it to West Side even when you can’t, which brings consistency to the church’s weekly giving and enables West Side to manage its finances more effectively. It’s also easy to do. You can set up a recurring payment through your bank (just like your mortgage, phone bill, utility bill, etc.). Or you can click on the link below. If you have any questions, please contact Anne Lee at 201-652-1966, ext. 100. She’ll be happy to help you!
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Special Gifts

In addition to the annual pledge, gifts may be made in support of mission trips, worship and music programs, youth activities, families in urgent need and capital projects.
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Time and Talent

Volunteering our time and talent is one more way we express our gratitude to God. Possibilities include serving as an elder, deacon, or trustee; participating in a Mission program; playing an instrument or singing in a choir during worship; helping at a service as an usher, greeter or coffee hour host; or even starting a new initiative. But there are many more. What is God calling you to do?
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Legacy Giving

Bequests and gifts of property are time-honored ways to leave a meaningful legacy to the church. In addition, a legacy gift to West Side can help reduce your annual or estate tax bill. For assistance, contact Anne Lee at 201-652-1966, ext.100.
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