Choirs for All Ages

Children's and Youth Choirs

Christian education and music education are part of each choir rehearsal. Our graded singing choirs program starts for children in kindergarten and first grades in the Cantate Choir. Carol Choir is for grades 2-3. Girls enter the Chapel Choir in grades 4-5 and move to the Covenant Choir is grades 6-8, while boys with unchanged voices enter the John Knox Box Choir in grades 4-8. The Senior High Choir is for all youth in grades 9-12.

Adult Choirs

The Chancel and Oratorio Choirs are for young adults and adults. The Chancel Choir meets weekly to prepare for Sunday services, while the Oratorio Choir augments the Chancel Choir twice a year to prepare large choral works.

Ringing Choirs

Playing the handbells is a unique opportunity available for all ages at West Side. Handbell choirs practice weekly, just like the singing choirs. Children in grades 4-8 make up the Children's Bell Choir. The Calvin Bell Choir is for grades 9-12, while young adults and adults are welcome in the Westminster Bell Choir.

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