How to Access Print Templates and Images

Your West Side Toolbox has everything you need to create print ads, posters, brochures, postcards and PowerPoint presentations. These tools are intended to insure that all communications from West Side have a similar look, feel and Brand Image. Design elements from the website are incorporated into these templates, including the “torn paper,” logo, and the burnt orange color. If people can immediately identify West Side as the message sponsor – we’ve already accomplished half the communication objective.

Before creating a piece of communication for West Side, we suggest you take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with the “Communications Standards,” the template “instructions” and the “Communications Request Form”.

Follow these links to:

Images Library

The Image Library is contained within West Side’s Flickr Account. Here, we’ve catalogued hundreds of pictures capturing life at West Side. Images are organized in folders that are self-explanatory. Simply find the image you want, and follow the directions for downloading it onto your computer.

Click this link to access West Sides drop box:

Print Template Library

The Print Template Library is contained within West Side’s Drop Box account. You’ll need an invitation from Olivia French in the church office to access the templates.

Simply email Olivia at She will reply with access information.